DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
2001-10-19 21:50:54 (UTC)

No MoRe

No more pain
No more tears
No more Dreams
No more blood spillen
No more cutten deeper
No more wounderen
No more screams or broken hearts
No more feelens at all
Dont give me more pain
Dont make me cry
Dont make me belive dreams come true
Dont let the blood flow out
Dont let me cut
Dont make me wounder bout feelens
Dont let me scream in pain of my broken heart
Dont make me feel anymore pain
No worries of being hurt
No reason to cry
No reason to belive dreams can come true
No more blood
No more cutting
No more wounderen bout love
No more screamen in pain and fallen in love
No more feelen pain
So painless
I cant feel nothing at all
and i wounder Why