Nicoles Life
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2001-10-19 21:40:09 (UTC)

I cant believe it.

while searching the web lookin for different things i
decided to look at pictures of the sept 11th tragedy...
sounds kinda morbid but i wanted to. i found a slide show
on msnbc.com it had people standing on the window ledges
of the buildings before the planes hit any someone had
jumped to their death. I think that there was no need for
those pictures. that man could have been someones father or
brother or husband or son. what a horrifying image. well on
a lighter note, yea i went shopping today bought some
clothes and a new pocketbook... wooohooo go me, babysitting
tonight.. CANT WAIT and going to visit a college tomorrow
with my best friend (should be fun. not much else is
happening in my world... the guys r still seldom or"just
friends" and upon weighing myself this monring i concluded
that i have gained 12 pounds over the summer which
definitly has to come off asap... so no food for me ... or
at least seldom. haha anyways... yea so my senior year is
going so quick... i cant believe that its already almost
the end of october! o yea got to talk to my friend yesterdy
whom i havent talked to since the begining o the summer cuz
he is away at college! I MISS HIM! hehe i dont think many
sparks were flying but he did confess that he once loved
me... aaaah who knows... off to another boring night