DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
2001-10-19 21:39:34 (UTC)

WhY is NeT n rEaL LiFe DiFfErEnT?

to die or not to die dats da question runnen through my
mind not sure wat to do ne more this is my pathetic lil
pathetic life dunno wat i would sey or do if he didnt love
me i been asked so many questions toward ife n my knowledge
had been alrite but now imma cryen deep inside dunno if i
should die or wat i think bout killen myself but i jus dunt
kno if i can manage to actully jus die now dat i habe
everyfin well sum shyt goin for me or wat since lifes so
fuked up why do i still have to be here i kno surcide isnt
da way out i usually dunt do da easy way out i usually try
to solve dis shyt but i cant n e more it hurts more than
evah imma sorrie to sey so but it duz...why must i liove
thru dis pain? thru all dis shyt? thru bein told imma ugly
but why does the outside matter? why do people online sey
imma pretty but da second i go into real life thingy i get
called shyt get treated lyke shyt bein told imma ugly but
when i come on imma sexy beatuful pretty n get treated very