Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-19 21:25:23 (UTC)

random log of thoughts: 10.19.01

The following are the random thoughts I wrote during the
day in my handy-dandy notebook!
9:54 am :: Random Thought
Chanda's not going to like Anne Frank's diary. She always
bitches about books like that. SHE HATES THEM.
I'm a loser.
Chanda's a conformist.
And I'm ecclectic.

9:57 am
Chanda has giraffe arms.

10:01 am
Brandon thought I kicked him in the ass and that Beth was a
drug dealer.
Brandon tried to grab my ass.
Not that it was a bad thing.

10:17 am
Everybody leaves me out of things...Grr...

10:22 am
Seven people are purposely burning them with a hot glue gun.
There's good intelligent fun.

10:25 am
And I'm not eating Peppermine-scented wax from Krista's
house either.

11:04 am
Ions and Isotopes are SO EASY.

1:03 pm
I only hit Dusty because he almost ran over his mother.
In a previous life I was a bird. And I didn't go flying
over Zach or down a theatre aisle toay. Progress.
Lunch reminded me of that kid Mrs. Rockman told us about.
He put silverware in his locker from the lunchroom every
day his senior year.

1:40 pm
Good books:
Left Behind series
Memories of Anne Frank
Escape from Warsaw
How interesting, eh?

"I can be your hero baby!"