the envious pen
2001-10-19 20:47:43 (UTC)

still looking...

crazy -- here i am, reading this girl's online journal --
it is all veyr wierd. feel like a voyeuer, and i guess by
some definition, but then again i am not as it is open for
all to see, and we have chatted and it is all very cool and
relaxed. the net is made for stuff like this, i know, but
still -- makes me laugh.

g'day, mad one.

friday afternoon and i am off to take my girl out to dinner
tonight. a lebanese restaurant, like we went to when we
lived in germany. then off to a friday night discussion
thing that geoff has over at his place. we rant and spiel
and go on about all manner of fun things. most of us are
christians, or atleast trying to be -- it is a wonderful
atmosphere. christianity is a beautiful, powerful beast and
in all my intellectual wanderings the ONLY philosophy/way
of life that offers a comprehensive worldview that hangs
together. strip away the bullshit and ephemera and you have
something that is real, romantic, idealistic, whole,
throbbing and vibrant.

it is love.

ask this holy fool about it and i will tell you all.

peace and love to all,