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2001-10-19 20:31:49 (UTC)

I forgot I had this thing. . .

omg, i totally forgot i had this diary thing going on. so
much has happened since school started tat i managed to
completely forget this. but now i remembered and, yeah,
okay. but i'm bored, wat the hell am i supposed to put in
here? okay, the stuff since school started.

friends-wise: i think i made a number of friends. i just
don't know if i actually like them. i no a lot of ppl, but
not all of them i would consider my friends. i'm getting a
problem. cuz i'm in IB, half the ppl in it are like, totally
weird & smartasses. and they act so gay and ewww. . .
there's only a selected number of ppl that are actually
cool. jeez, is being cool so much to ask? aparently.

guy-wise: i've had better times. no, correction: i've had
better guys. according to roxy, this & this likes me; this &
this likes me. i swear, she named like, over 15. she's
probably lying, they're most likely just flirts. but if they
did, i still wouldn't be happy. i mean, hello? such immature
assholes. u no who i want to like me? jonathan, matt (hot
one), & whatever hot guys there are. but NO, i have to be
stuck with those dumb ppl that are totally un-hot.

teacher-wise: okay, they all hate me. i don't no y, i don't
do much stuff. and i get pretty good marks in all the
classes ... probably cuz i talk too much. no, but tat still
won't explain why my english teacher hates me. she's UGLY!!!
she wears crappy-ass clothes she gets from like, the circus.
i swear, and on top of that, SHE WEARS RUNNING SHOES WITH
DRESSES!!! wat a faux-pas. she shouldn't be allowed to walk
the streets, i swear.

school-wise: i'm doing pretty good. i don't think i'm
failing ne thing. actually, i'm not even close to failing
anything. except for the science quiz this morning, the
highest i'm gonna get is like, 85. :( how sad. (roxy, don't
kill me, i'm allowed to set certain standards for myself)
some days i have to work my ass off tho, and tat just sux.
but at least i no i'm not gonna get kicked outta IB.

family-wise: my parents still don't trust me. i swear, i
haven't done ne thing wrong my entire life ... that they no
of. but seriously, i'm basically a good-girl. but noooo,
they have to always get suspicious and ask a ton of
questions when a guy calls. or when i work together on a
project wit a guy. i worked wit wats-his-face, doug, on this
geo assignment, & i had to meet him at the library. now
everytime i go to the library, my parents think it's to meet
doug. i mean, they're so strict!!! it's not fair. oh well,
can't have everything...

the first school dance is next friday!!!! YAY!!! it's like
this Electric Circus theme. so we can wear hoochie, shiny
stuff without getting in trouble. i'm gonna wear this thing.
it looks like a boob tube wit a halter strap. it's aqua-blue
wit tiny lil sequins all over it. ;) i might go out and buy
a aqua-blue thong just to match it. and get the sides to
hang above my pants, lol. i'm gonna work my booty out, and
me and roxy will be the best gr. 9 dancers there. i can't
wait, guys are gonna be drooling over us!!! :)

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