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My life story of being a manwhore
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2001-10-19 20:29:58 (UTC)

Just another day....

This morning i had to wake up to the worst thing ever......
My ex-boyfriend's voice... he called at 10 in the freaking
morning! knowing im asleep he wonders why im being a
bitch.... 2 words.. NO SLEEP!! i see that 7 months with him
was wasted.. he still doesnt know shit about me. heh go
But thats not the point... the point is what he was talking
about, he acted as if we were still together (wake up call
LEAVE HER ALONE!!!) geez.. i swear, because of that my
weekend is screwed to hell and back.
Not only did he screw it up.. so did my mom. god i fucking
hate parents. they bitch too much about small things then
wonder why their kids go psycho and shoot up schools or
kill themselves... yo parents... lay off the kids, its not
their faults, its yours...
My mom still thinks its my fault for being depressed and
suicidal at times.. um no mom, you and dad are the pricks
that brought me into this world and i turned out this way
because of who?? you thats right its you Mr & Mrs Tims...
its your fault your daughter has emotional problems and
cant have decent relationships due to your parental
instincts of TRYING to protect me from the world. if you
only knew what your little girl has done and is capable of
doing.. then you would think twice... Im sorry, im just in
a crappy mood today...
time for some music...
[orgy - stitches]
"tie yourself to me, stitch up my emptiness, cause you're
the death of me"
heh gotta love lyrics like that...
*yawn* cancerstick time..... hmm i want to hear some
sevendust... ah yes... [sevendust - waffle]
"why cant anyone else see the beauty you see in me? why are
they so blind to my reality? am i that unimportant??"
a snipit from one of my many poems. ya like? yeah, i knew
you wouldnt
oh well time to go bang my head against a brick wall til
Jason gets here and steals me away.. fun