the blue period

Spanning Time
2001-10-19 20:27:13 (UTC)

angry again

Back at work unfortunately. I went to the Improv last
night and saw Mitch Hedburg. He's so damn funny. I highly
suggest going to see him. Anyway, I'm getting extremely
tired of all these emails that are supposed to induce
fear. I'm talking about the ones that say,"Don't go in the
malls on halloween", or "Nostradamus said that...". I'm so
sick of people acting like they are surprised that we are
to expect more terrorists attacks. DUH! Wake the fuck
up. Instead of doing the smart thing, and capturing the
people responsible, we're just blanket bombing a country
that is full of terrorsits. I'd be so happy if the
terrorists somehow killed that joke of a supposed leader
that we call President. I've seen people of higher
intelligence in a Wal Mart in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Ugh. No such luck for that. Mr. Bush tells us all to be
brave and go back to our normal lives, and all the while
he's sitting in bunker with armed guards. So yeah. We're