A goth's adventures in New Orleans
2001-10-19 20:26:04 (UTC)

Leeezard ;-)

Well, the other day my roomie comes up to me and says he's
got a present for me. He hands me a vase with a cup in the
top of it. I look at him kinda funny, because, well, it's
a strange gift. It's true, when was the last time someone
gave you a vase (that you already own) with a cup in it??
Well, imbetween these strange (because of the situation)
items is.......

A leeezard.
I've named him Nickodemus, good name for a leeezard.

I love working about 30 steps from my favorite bar. After
work, I don't have far to walk for a relax. One of these
days I'm gonna go over there on my smoke break in the
middle of my shift. A quick shot just to get me through to
the end of my shift, yes, sometimes my work is that
stressfull. Mostly it's one of three people. Two of which
couldn't wait tables if they had a gun to their head. The
other is the only waiter in the place, well, acording to
his own head. He's the main pain in my arse.

I just found out last night that VNV NATION and ICON OF
COIL is gonna be here next month!!! WOOHOO!! I'm so

One week till my b-day.

11 days till Tori.