Do I get my lap dance now?
2001-10-19 20:08:47 (UTC)

What kind of love are you on?

Hey, how come only the funny looking, smelly, homeless or
retired people dig me? I must be excreting something.

Yeah, so anyway, I've decided since the Yankees are gonna
beat the crap out of the Mariners this weekend, I am
totally out of a job. I work for them, have I mentioned
that? I do. I'm a public safety specialist, and as
exciting as that sounds, I hate it. And as much as I hate
it, I don't wanna give it up, because it's the easiest job
I'll ever have in my entire life. If they lose, I'll hafta
get a real job that'll pay less and involve more work. A
REAL job. Bleahk. I don't want one. The other day on the
ferry I was thinking of all the freaky-ass jobs I coud
have; the kind that no one really thinks about. Such as a
grave digger... or I could artificially inseminate
turkeys... or I could... okay, that turkey one threw me.
I'm drawing a blank now. I mean, just weird, no-talent
stuff that nobody really wants to do. I'm gonna have the
greatest stories to tell when I'm a grandparent.

Current mood: wonder-filled.
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is pointless. She doesn't have *any* hand/eye coordination.