Blood and Chocolate
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2001-10-19 19:55:41 (UTC)

When its my turn to march up to glory. . . . .

hey everyone ~
Sup ? Not much here ! Kati is over and she is spending the
night ! Ummm today I found out that this girl is mad at me
for lots of reasons and she has been for a long time !
Which upsets me cause she is like one of my closest
friends ! She is mad cause I brought this giant safty pin
to school to show her cause I told her about it a while ago
and she thought I was copying her ! Which I wasn't ! I
asked her something like " are you ok ?" and she flipped
out ! And I guess she is sick of me helping her with her
problems ! Which I am sorry about cause most people come
to me and ask me for help and she does too ! So I don't
know ! If this person is reading this I am sorry that you
are mad at me ! I will back off cause I don't want to make
you more mad at me ! I was just trying to be a good friend
and I was NOT copying you with the safty pin thing I just
thought that you would be interested in the giant one I
had ! So I am REALLY SORRY !!!!!! Please don't be mad at
me ! Cause you are like one of the coolest friends I have
and if you never talked to me again I would cry forever !
Ok next thing umm " when its my turn to march up to
glory. . I'm gonna have one hell of a story!! " great
song !!!! I ran the mile today ! ICKY ! My knees hurt so
bad ! I was the first girl in I ran the whole time and I
ran it in like 8mins 15 seconds ! I almost blacked out
after I got done! The whole time I was running I was like
screaming cause my knees hurt and I was like swearing up a
storm ! Haha Pat nothing was aimed at you ! OK well we
gotta bounce ! We will write later!