Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
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2001-10-19 19:11:06 (UTC)

Gonna' go off

Im about to nail these kids to the wall by their shirts.Ive
ben babysitting since saturday to Friday makeing 15$
total.I dont care about the money because its not a big
deal with my own sister.All I ask for is Food,Liquids,
Toilet paper,and a chance to shower within 2 days max.Ive
been really pissed off because I cant sleep still anymore.I
have a feeling that Im eather going to be pounced on or be
waken up anyways by fetal movement.
I slept about 3 hours last night when my sister woke me
up and handed me a 10 to buy 2 twoliters of coke and some
lunch with strict directions not to spend it all.If she
would have gave it to me for babysitting Id buy that stuff
anyways with the money.Atleast we have toilet paper now.I
waited for her to walk out the door so I could sleep a
while longer.Well until about 12.That was enough time for
the 5 year old bad#2 to color on the wall,hide my
cigarettes and lighter,and drink the last of my hidden
bottle of soda.6 year old Bad#1 had time to spill last
nights happy meal all over the place,throw #2 up agenst the
air conditioner,kick bits of crayon everywhere,and wake me
up between every little thing.Basicly between the screaming
stomping spilling etc...I actually got some sleep.They
never listen to me anyways.Im a babysitter that lets them
buzz around destroying everything until I cant walk through
the room.Thats when clean up for them to mess up again.
I was supposed to see my ob today but Im not haveing it!I
refuse to let a male doctor put Q-tips inside me when I
feel so sick and worn out.
My mother just called and saved my sanity.She saved me so
much.If the kids helped me clean up she'd stop at the store
and drop us off at the park when she went to work.Wayners
bad#1 sat on the floor gathering books,and paper.Stephanie
bad#2 yelled for her crayons but as long as she picked a
corner to play in Im okie dokie with her.Im happier to see
the house clean and to know Ill be eating fast food
soon.Its herdley ever much trouble at all to watch them but
after a non-stop week of my sisters two kids I need some
help.I would never be able to smack their hands for crieing
or throw them on the couch to punnish them.Thats dumb to me
when a loud voice alone scares them flinching in tears.I
dont want to put my hands on them at all because sometimes
I feel like slamming them on the grund out of anger.I cant
sponaniously feel free to smack them around like that.
So we all cleaned up the house to get lunch.I'll take a
shower plump and full before we go to the park for the
day.Then I'll spend the weekend laying my bf's couch with
him or on my own couch with tipsers.Hum?Cuddle with the man
or the man's best friend,tough call.
Stephanie bad #2(twice the trouble)is trieing to explain
scooby doo's cholesterol and clogged arteries to me without
knowing what arteries are,lol.Did I mention that she's
walking up and down the back of Wayne bad#1(first to get
caught)as she speaks?I have to pick up bread,and 2 two
liters of coke before we bring the kids back.I also have to
pick up a Pear like the one Ive been dreaming off and on
about all day.A cold soft colorful pear?Wierd but Tastey!

Well I still love pears.Im gonna get the recipe for fried apples
and fry me some with cinimon and stuff like Crackerberral.I love that
place.You can feed two people a big axs breakfast for 12$.Cheap and
lots of good food,you cant beat that!

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