shifting mists
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2001-10-19 18:44:49 (UTC)

integrity ...

... how we live our lives is a choice .... we learn lessons
and those lessons turn into knowledge and experience which
then form into new rules or the altering of old ones ...
and it seems that even when people appear to follow the
same rules ... where those rules are placed on the scale of
importance can differ drastically from person to
person ....

"Never say anything you can't take back. Ever."

... growing up this was something my mother taught me that,
at the time i had thought was completely ~unfair~ .... but
as i have gotten older i have realized that she was indeed
right and i am very happy that she took the time and effort
to teach me that lesson ... i believe it to be one of the
most important lessons i have ever learned when it comes to
dealing with others ... whether they be loved ones or
complete strangers ...

... you see ... it essentially means that you must be
careful not to hurt people ... to inflict permanent pain
upon their souls or say things that would stick within
their minds to continue hurting them over and over
again ... it means no regrets ... not to burn your
bridges ... to be careful with your impulses ... and most
importantly ... to think before you speak ... it is a
standard of ethics and morality to hold yourself to ...
fore it means you are dedicated to not mentally or
emotionally injuring another human being ...

... i suppose though, that you must actually care about
others in order for this to be something you would work
at ... for this lesson to even matter and/or make sense i
suspect you'd have to actually have concern for how you
personally touch and influence the lives of those that you
come in contact with ... because this is something that
takes a lot of effort ... especially when you're angry ...
if you're arguing or someone is in your face and not
following the same "rules" you are ... it is difficult to
not strike back verbally when someone hurts you on an
emotional level ... that's why when i was younger i found
this lesson to be so very unfair ....

... until i realized ... it has nothing to do with if
everyone is playing by the same "rules" ... it has nothing
at all to do with fairness .... it has to do with how you
feel about yourself ... it has to do with your values ...
with personal integrity ...