the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2001-10-19 18:12:54 (UTC)

try ....try again

so im on my way home from school when i realized that i
didnt have any gas
so im praying that my car will make it to the gas station
well in rushing so that i wouldnt be stranded......i weeved
in and out of a couple cars being cautious but this black
truck seemed to be following me...when i pulled into the
gas station he pulled in right beside me and looked at me
with the most hateful expression and said you are a very
dangerous i realized in that moment that he
was wearing a sheriffs jacket......then proceeded to tell
me that he had gottne my plate # and he still didnt know
whether or not he was gonna turn me in....i simply
explained that i was trying to get to the station as
quickly as possible b/c i was out of gas.....his snide
remark was there is no excuse for what you were
doing....and he drove off
i know that the guy in the passenger seat was dying
laughing on the inside so i wonder if it was just to
intimidate any case though it worked..
i cant afford another ticket even if he could give me one
which i dont think he can i would be in sooo much trouble
my insurance would be dropped and i would lose my liscense

geez.........i just cant win
im trying so hard not to get stressed out and to hold this
cherrful disposition but goodness its not working to well

well before i throw my cat out the windowb/c he wont shut up
im gonna go

bye guys