DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
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2001-10-19 17:48:09 (UTC)

QuEsTiOnZ i AsK mYsElF

If i dIsApEaR FrOm dIs wOrLd
tHeReS OnLy oNe qUeStIoN To aSk
wIlL N E OnE MiSs mE?
WiLl dEy cRy iN GrIeF?
oR LaUgH In jOy?
KnOwEn wAt dEy sEy oR DiD To mE
MaDe mE TaKe dA WrOnG PaTh
pAiN Is aLl i fEeL SuMtYmEs
dA PaIn mAkEs mE HaTe
n wOuNdEr wHeN CaN I KiLl mYsElF?
hOwS DaT KnOwEn wHaT,WhO,I Am
iS NuTtEn aT AlL
I Am a nO OnE So yEt nO OnE WiLl mIsS Me
So i dOnT WoUnDeR No mOrE
YeT NeVaH FeAr tO As mYsElF ThEsE QuEsTiOnS