The Bowel Movement
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2001-10-19 17:48:08 (UTC)

Homosexual no Longer

Hi all! I've finally hit the big top! I still keep in touch
with my ex-band members, but I have reached a new level! I
am no longer with Helen. We broke up after a long fight
about cup-o-noddle soups. And I'm glad I did. I found a new
love of my life, Viper (David). Viper is the ringleader of
a group called the Vipeian Army. Within his group he is
called Lord Viper, and to me... he is my Lord Viper. He is
the bomb within the shell (what the hell does that mean?).
He is the fire that ignites my gas. He's a felon of many
crimes, none of which he has ever been accused of. He has
his resources. He hides from all and never gets caught. He
does what he pleases, when he pleases, and with who he
pleases. I don't mind. He lives within is own building, on
the top floor, surrounded with men and woman a like. He is
powerful politically and physically. He is the devil
reincarnated. I think him and Muppy would get along just

- Anna Mae

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