DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
2001-10-19 17:43:25 (UTC)


LIfE As i kNo iT Is sOoN OvEr.
My tEaRs fAlL DoWn lYkE NeVaH BeFoRe
dO I StAy oR Do i dIsApEaR? wIlL PeOpLe mIsS Me?
Or wIlL ThEy bE GlAd tHaT I'M GoNe?
ShOuLd i sEy sUmFiN
Or sHoUld mY MoUf bE ClOsEd?
CaN I DiE FrOm dIs wOrLd i wAs bOrIn iNtO?
WiLl tHeY LaUf wHeN ImMa gOnE?
tO TeLl dA TrUtH I HoPe dEy dO
Do tHeY EvEn kNo dA WoRdS DeY SeY HuRt rEaLlIe dEePlY?
mY BoDy fEeLs iLl
dOnT KnO WaT To dO
NoT SuRe wAt tO SeY
ArE My tHoUgHtS FuKeD Up?
Or dO ThEy tElL HoW My mInD WoRkS?
i dO NoT KnO
AlL I KnO Is iMmA CrYeN InSiDe
dEeP DeEp dEePlY InSiDe....

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