DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
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2001-10-19 17:20:24 (UTC)

PaRt 3 CoUrT TyMe

paRt 3 tImE FoR CoUrT

asH FiNaLlY CoNfEsS HeR LoVe tOwArD joSh n tHeY PrOmIsE To
wAiT FoR EaCh oThEr n sEe eAcH OtHeR EvErY WeEk iF OnE Of
tHeM GeTz oUt bEfOrE ThE OtHeR OnE ASh gEtS HaNdCuFfEd aNd
aLl hEr fRiEnDs wAvE At hEr wIsH HeR LuCk hOpE ShE GeTs
cAlLeD InNoCeNt cUz tHeY NeVaH MeT A GuRl wHo wOuLd aCtUlLy
sTicK Up fOr tHeMsElF N WhO HaVe bEeN HuRtEd sO MuCh n sHyT
BuT StIlL CaN StAnD StIlL N Be pRoUd oF WaT ThEy dId asH
WaLkZ InTo cOuRt bEiNg hAnDcUfFeD ThEn gEtS ChAnGe iNtO SuM
DeCeNt lEwKiN ClOtHeS InStEaD Of wEaReN ThAt oRaNgE DaMn
jUmPsUiT DaT CaLlZ OuT ImMa a jAiL TyMe hOe bAg ShE WaLkZ
InTo cOuRt wEaReN A BlAcK TiGhT AsS ShOrT DrEsS ShOwEn hEr
gReAt lEgZ WiF HeR BlOnDe hAiR LaYeN FlAt dOwN LeWkIn mAd
sExY N HeR BlUe/gWeEn eYeS ShInEn lYkE NeVaH BeFoRe wIf
tHaT SeCrEt oF HeR PaSt ThE JuDgE ChEcKz hEr oUt n sO DoEs
tHe oThEr gUyZ ShEs oNlY FuKeN 17YrS OlD HoW CoUlD ShE
AlReAdI KiLl sUmOnE ThEy aSk tHeMsElF N LeWkIn dAmN FyNe
hOw cOuLd n e gUy bE ChEaTeN On hEr aZz WElL ShE WaLkZ In
tAkEs hEr sEaT WiF HeR LaWyEr *HeR N HeR LaWyEr hAd sEx
bEfOrE ThEy cAmE To cOuRt* WeLl sHe rEaChEs iN HeR PuLsE
PuTs oN SuM HoT SeXy MmmMMMm lIpStIcK N SiTs bAk rEaDi fOr
cOuRt tO BeGiN ThE JuDgE SlAmZ ThE ThInG N StArTs iT oN ThE
OtHeR SiDe iTs hEr b/f n tHe pArEnTs oF ThE GuRl sHe kIlLeD
WeLl sHe sItS DoWn sMiLeN KnOwEn wAt sHe dId wAs rItE To
kIlL AnUtAh hOoCiE On dA StReEt cOrNoR FoR BlOwEn hEr mAn
thEy cLaL HeR Up sHe sItS Up n hEr lAwYeR AsKs hEr "diD U
BrEaK InTo hIs hOuSe?" sHe gOeS "yEs i dId aFtEr hE DiDnT
GeT ThE DoOr" ThEn sHe sLoWlY ShOwS EvErYoNe tHe sCaRs fRoM
BrEaKeN InTo tHe wInDoW N ThEn tHeY AsK HeR "wErEnT U ThE
OnE HoLdEn dA GuN WhEn tHe cOpZ CaMe" ShE AdMiTs sHe wAs
WeLl tHeN ThEy gO ShOuLd u bE CoMmItEd fOr dIs cRiMe sHe nOdS I
ShOuLd bE CoMiTtEd tO ShOoTeN j BuT I HaD To hE BeAt dA FuK OuTtA DaT
GuRl n i hElD HeR HeAd uP ThAtS WhY I HaD Da bLoOd J bLuTs
oUt "yOu hAd tHe fUkEn gUn u sHoT Me sO I CoUlDnT StOp u
fRoM KiLlEn tOnI" N Da jUdGeS TeLlS HiM To tElL HiS StOrY
WhEn hE CoMeS Up nOw wHeN AsH Is uP HeRe wElL j GeTs uP N
TeLlS HiM AsH CaLlEd eArLy tHaT DaY N ToNi hAd pIcKeD ThE
PhOnE Up n tHaT AsH BrOkE InTo tHe hOuSe bY SmAsHeN Da
wInDoW N CuTtEn hEr aRmS ThEn gOpIn kRaZi sMaShEn eVeRyThIn
n tOnI RuNnEn tO BaFrOoM AsH GrAbBeN HeR HaIr sMaShEn hEr
hEaD To wAlL hIm rUsHiN ToWaRd tO SaVe tOnI BuT AsH ShOoTeN
HiM N ThEn tOnI BeIn dEaD N ThEn cOpZ CoMe n sO On n fOuNd
dA GuN N ThE BlOoD Of tHe iNnOcEnT ViStUm oN AsH ThEy gO
OuT BaK N CoMe bAk n tHeN ThEy sEy aSh iS GuIlTy oF ThE
CrImE N NoW ShE HaS LiFeTyMe iN JaIl sHe gEtS HaNdCuFfEd n
tOoKeN OuT Of cOuRt sMiLeN N ThEn j cOmEs uP To hEr n
sEyZ "i wOnT WaIt fOr uR SoRrY AzZ SlUt" N AsH KiKs hIm iN
Da bAlLz sPiTtIn oN HiS FaCe wAlKeN OuT Of dErE WiF 3 CoPs
tAkEn hEr oUt n sHe cOmEs bAk iNtO JaIl tElLz jOsH DiS ShYt
n tHeY KiSh n tHeN ThEy hAvE Da mOsT AmAzEn sEx eVaH In tHe
lAuNdRy rOoM

The end dis is when jail tyme getz fun alrite got boired so
wrote a story sorry if u dunt lyke it but its myne so kish
muh azz

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