DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
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2001-10-19 17:01:37 (UTC)

PaRt 2 JaiL TyMe

paRt 2 hErE We gO-taKe aCtIoN saLlY Is tAkEn tO JaIl cAlLs
hEr mOm tHe cOpS TeLl hEr wHaT HaPpEn wHiLe tHeY TaLkIn tHe
bOdY Is bEiN TaKeN OuT Of J'z hOuSe n J iS BeIn sEnT To tHe
hOsPiTaL saLlY ScReAmS N ShOuTs aT ThE CoPz oFfIcE BuT ThEy
sMaCk hEr tO ShUt hEr tHe fUk uP ShE BiTeS HiS FiNgErS N
ThEy rIp hEr sHiRt n tOuChEs hEr *SeXuAl hArRaSeMnT FrOm
tHe cOpZ!* THeY TaKe hEr tO JaIl wHeRe sHe sTaYz uNtIl sHe
hAs cOuRt sHe gEtS A LaWyEr n sHyT WeLl iN JaIl sHe mEeTs
dIs dUdE ShE TeLlZ HiM WhAt hApPeN He sEcReTlY FaLlZ In
lOvE WiF HeR BuT YeT ReMeMbEr bAd bOyZ N BaD GuRlZ In jAiL
ThErEs aLwAyZ EnDs uP SuMoNe bEiN KiLlEd WElL ThIs gUyS
NaMe wAs JOsH N saLlY ReAl nAmE WaS asHlEy bUt pEoPlE
CaLlEd hEr SAlLy bEcUz a tEaChEr mIsUnDeRsToOd hEr nAmE
WeLl wHeN ThEy mEt iT WaS WhEn tHeY WeRe fOlDeN LaUnDrY In
jAiL tHiS WaS HiS 3rD YeAr iN JaIl hE HaS 6 YrS ShE WaS
BeIn cHaRgEd wIf lIfEtYmE FoR HeR CrImE He tOlD HeR HoW He
sMaCkEd a tEaChEr n tHrEaTeN To kIlL HeR If sHe tRiEd tO
StOp hIm fRoM SeXuAl hArRaSeN HeR WeLl sHe cAlLeD CoPz n
yAdAh yAdAh aLrItE asH Is sHoRt fOr AShLeY Ok sO asH MeT
SoMe pEoPlE In jAiL NaMeD faItH,elIzA,alIsHa sHe bEcAmE
ThEiR FrIeNdS elIzA WaS A PaTeNt iN A MeNtAl hOsPiTaL DaT
BeAt dAt sHoT HeR MoM BuT HaD A 4yR ChArGeD SeNt tO JaIl
SInCe jAiL HaD A LoT Of kIlLeRz sTaLkErZ PeOpLe rObBeN
PeOpLe n sHyT WeLl tHiS OnE GuR NaGeD AsH HeAd aGaInSt tHe
wAlL N ThEn aLiShA FuKeN BiTcH SlApPz dIs hOe kIkEd hEr aZz
n kIlLeD HeR So nOw aLiShA Is sErVeN LiFeTyMe iN JaIl

This is what happenz in jail..n so on