The adjudication of my life.
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2001-10-19 17:01:19 (UTC)

for my wooer

how can i fathom my feelings for you?
how can i narrate my thoughts for you?

my emotions have been seized, sealed inside my heart and
mind, never to be seen, only to be concealed.

i was very inattentive to my feeligs for you.
suprise and shock subdue me these days.
if find myself longing for you and your warm smile.
i crave your presence in my life.
i wish you could hear and understand my thoughts.

at night i plundge deep into my dreams with you in my mind.
i dream of your confectionary smile and your childish

i wish you could feel my heart smile when you simply walk
into the room.
i wish you could see how fortunate i am to have you in my

no versification, no silly ryme, no epode, no stolen lyric
can ever elucidate my love for you.
your presence is beautiful, i can't get enough of you.

so what should i do?
is this the state you have placed apon me?
or have i placed myself here?

these are my silent inclinations.....