*My Diary, Read it and Weep*
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2001-10-19 16:54:02 (UTC)

Scared And Confused

Hi I'm Amanda, and this is my first time using this thingy,
so bare with me! Well I have a lil prob, I Like totally
like this guy, but I just got out of a realtionship, and I
dunno what to do...see my situation is kinda diff, the guy
I like is 20,and needless to say, Im NOT 20...so we would
have to keep our rela' under wraps. Which is kinda hard
since my mom is always home and well he lives RIGHT NEXT TO
ME, but my mom still don't like hima nd shes just mad
protective of me and OH ITS A BIG MESS! But ne ways here is
the deal, ok he tells me he wants to have a serious rela'
and I agreed to it, and he like is so sweet to me, then the
next day kisses me, but now, he like hasnt talked to me in
2 days, which is liek, "um ok, u said u wanted a serious
rela',with no mind games, well wtf do u think i am, a doll
who sits on a shelf and waits? HELL NO..I wanna kno whats
goin on" But i cant very well do that when my mom is always
home so i cant get over there to talkt o him and his mom,
which lives with him is good friends with my moma dn i cant
let her kno cuz shed tell my mom, so confusing..Am i right?
well help me out, gimme feed bak on wat u think,