DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
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2001-10-19 16:41:51 (UTC)

PaRt 1- ThE KiLL

NaMeD aLl ThEsE ThInGz KAtNeSs,KAtTeRz,KAtIe
POo,BReNdA,brEnDaHeAd,kiTtIe,KItTy,KItTy KAt,KItTiE
kaT,kaT, BItCh,HErE kiTtY kiTtY,KItTeN,kaTtY,kiT
kaT,kiT,kaTt,KItTay,kiTteY,KAT GUrl, MIsS. KItTy, miZz.
kaT,KAT 1,KAtElIcIoUs,RInA,kaTtY PoO,kaTe,
KAtIe,K,kAtErInA,seSsY kaT,biTcHy
WoOt oK bAk To sToRy

THeRe oNcE LiVeD A GuRl nAmEd SAlLy D sHe hAd dIs mOsT
AwEsOmEsT B/F EvAh *LmFaO* THeY WeRe sO In lOvE N So oN OnE
DaY ShE CaLlEd hIm bUt dIs gUrL AnSwErEd uP N ShE SeD "iS j
ThErE?" HeR AnSwEr wAs "YeS BuT HeS BuSy mAy i tAkE WhOs
cAlLeN" sHe aNsWeReD "iTs hIs g/f hE KnO WhO I Am"bUt tHe
gUrL On tHe oThEr lInE WaS LyKe "OoOo j mOrE MoRe" So SAlLy
wAs lYkE "wTf wAt iS He dOiN" n dIs gUrLs lYkE "sOrRiE GuRl
iMmA BuSy bYe" N SaLlY SlOwLy hAnGs uP PhOnE ShE HoLdS HeR
TeArS BaK N SlOwLy sItS BaK In hEr cHaIr fInAlLy sHe tAkEs
tHe pHoNe tHrOwS It tO ThE GrOuNd sMaShInG It tO LiL BiTz
cUz oNlY OnE ThIn iN HeR MiNd iTs hEr bOi eAtEn oUt sUm
hOoCiE O ShE FiNaLlY PiCkS Up hEr jAcKeT GeTz hEr cAr kEyZ
N SlOwLy sEyS "mOtHeR I MaY Be bAk n mAy nOt" HeR MoThEr
wAs lYkE "mAy nOt?!?!" BuT SaLlY SlAmMeD ThE DoOr sO HaRd
sHe cOuLdNt hEaR HeR MoThEr sHe sLoWlY StArTs tO CrY As sHe
wAlKz tO HeR CaR ShE PuLlS OuT A KlEeNeX WiPeS HeR TeArS N
ThEn sTaBz dA KeY HoLe iNtO ThE CaR TuRnEn iT UnLoCkEn iT
ThEn sHe gEtZ In pUtS ThE CaR KeYz iN Da tHiNgY BoB N ThEn
sHe pUlLz oUt oF ThE DrIvEwAy hItTiN ThE MaIl bOx bUt sEyEn
oH FuKeN WeLlsHe sLoWlY ChEcKs tO MaKe sUrE ShE HaS HeR GuN
In hEr pUlSe aNd sHe dRiVeS MaDlY RaPiDlY To j'z hOuSe
nOtIcEs a mUsTaNg iN FrOnT ShE GeTz oUtTa hEr cAr rUsHiN
RaPiDlY To hIs hOuSe aFtEr sLaMmEn tHe cAr n gEtTeN Da gUn
knOcKz oN Da dOoR BuT No oNe cOmEs lEwKs tO
ChEcK To sEe iF HiS CaR Is tHeRe nOtIcEd a bAt bAnGs iT
AgAiNsT A WiNdOw n tHeN GoEs tHrU ThE WiNdOw cUtTeN HeR
ArMz bUt lEtTeN ThE BlOoD DrIp oFf hEr aS ShE CoUlD HeR
SeEmLy tO Be sOaKeN WeT SiNcE ItS RaInEn sEeS j N DiS GuRl
tHe gUrL Is oN HeR KnEeS BlOwEn hIm HE NoTiCeD SaLlY N Is lYkE OmG
WaT HaPpEn n sAlLy sTaRtS To gO CrAzY TaKeS ThE BaT SmAsHeN
EvErYtHiN ShE SeEs tHe lAmP EvErYtHiN ThEn sCrEaMeN "I LoVe
yOu hOw cOuLd u dO DiS To mE HoW CoUlD U FuK Me oVaH HuRt
mE LyKe dIs hOw cOuLd u"tHeN ShE SeEs hIs hUgE AzZ Tv n
sEyZ WeLl dIs tV MeAnS Da mOsT To u sHe sMaShEs iT J SlOwLy
pUlLs uP HiS PaNtZ WhIlE ThAt oNe gUrL OnEs tO ThE BaThRoOm
n sAlLy gOeS AfTeR HeR J RuShEs ToWaRd sAlLy sEyEn i lOvE U
BaBi i jUsT GoT LoNeLy iMmA SoRrY SaLlY PuShEs hIm aWaY He
sTiLl tRiEd tO GrApH HeR WhIlE ShE SmAsHeS ThE BaThRoOm
dOoR OuT PuLlEn dIs gUrL OuT bY HeR HaIr sMaShEn hEr hEaD
AgAiNsT ThE SiNk lEtTeN ThE BlOoD DrIp j tRiEs tO GrAb
sAlLy bUt sAlLy tAkEs oUt tHe gUn n sHoOtS HiM In hIs
sHoUlDeR ThE GuRl sCrEaMeN WhIlE SaLlY SmAsHeS HeR HeAd
aGaInSt tHe sInK ThEn aLl oF SuDdEn tHe gUrL WaS DeAd...j
tRiEs tO ReAcH FoR ThE PhOnE BuT SaLlY SmAsHeS ThE PhOnE N
HiS FiNgErS sHe sCrEaMz n sHoUtS ThE NeIgHbOrS HaVe hEaRd
tHiS N CaLlEd dA CoPz tHe cOpZ CoMe kNoCkEn dA DoOr dOwN
RuShIn tOwArD SaLlY LeWkIn aT Da dEaD GuRl n dA B/F ShOt iN
ThE ShOuLdEr wIf bRoKeN FiNgErS N HiS FaCe dRiPpEn wIf
bLoOd tHeN ThEy lEwK At sAlLy n hEr aRmZ BeIn aLl bLoOdY N
ThE SmAsHeD WiNdOw n tHe gUn bEiN In hEr hAnD N HeR HaNdS
BeIn fUlL Of bLoOdThEy gRaB HeR ShE PuShEs tHeM AwAy tHey
tRy aGaIn n fInAlLy hAnDcUfFeD HeR ReAd hEr rIgHtS N ThEy
tAkEn hEr oFf tO CoUrT NoW...DiS Is wHaT HaPpEnZ WhEn bOyZ
BeTrAyZ ThEiR GuRlZ ThIs iS ThE AnGeR ThAt bUiLdS Up iNsIdE
ThOsE GuRlZ..

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