Dirty Fractyl
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2001-10-19 16:38:09 (UTC)

Writing From Hypnosis:

I am going to write from hypnosis.
I am very stoned, am trying to visualize by body lying next
to yours, kissing you softly, caressing your hair, running
my hand down the side of your face and kissing you...
How slow can the clock make 2 months?
We all know it is little time
And yet each day shall pass like a week
But all will be well--if slightly strained.
No one suffers your desire for me better.
We will coexist forever.
It is something I am certain of.
Bonds this beautiful are not meant to be broken.
And I will never break my vow:
You are mine forever.
I want to age with you.
I want to recline with you and watch the world progress as
we finally die.
But it will be a small separation when you consider we have
all of eternity together.
Bonds this beautiful are not meant to be broken.