DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
2001-10-19 16:10:40 (UTC)

FuKeD uP

BORED out oF My fUkEn mInD DiS Is sO FuKeN GaY SiTtIn hErE
In pAlLy tAlKiN To dIs gUrL N AlLaN ThEy r mAkEn mE FuKeN
LaUgH MuH AzZ OfF Oh gOd wTf iS My pRoBlEm i dUnNo mAyBi
iMmA A BiTcH MaYbI U R OnE ToO BuT LyKe i gIvE A FuK ImMa
fUkEn tIrEd oF BaKsTaBbEn mUtAh fUkAhZ In dIs wOrLd lEtS
KiLl dEm aLl aNd tHeN FuKeN KiLl mE ToO OH imMa gEtTeN
HaRrAsSeN By oOmPa lOoMpAs tHeY CoMeN FoR Me aHh aHh fUkEn
hElP Ne sAvE Me nAh jUsT FuKeN WiF MuH MiNd mY MiNd iS So
fUkEn uP I JuS DuNnO N E MoRe aNyWaYz h iS FoR HaRsH O O
OoGlY DoUl o iS FoR Oo k iS FoR KaLePz n e iS FoR exCiTeD N
r Is fOr rRoAr! LmFaO DaT SpElLlZ HoOkEr cUz iMmA ThInKeN
In a hOoKeR WaY!!!!!!!!!!!! wOoT HOOKeR ThIs hOoKeR DaT
LeTz dO It iN A HoOkEr wAy i fOuNd mY TrU LoVaH N I AlWaYz
bE TrU nO MaTtAh wAt nO MaTtAh dA PaIn i sTiLl lUv hIm hE
SeEmS FaR AwAy bUt iF I CaN KeEp dIs rElAtIoNsHiP N NoT FuK
It uP Ne MoRe mAyBe wE R MeNt tO Be? MaYbI HeS Da oNe i bE
WiF FoReVaH? i mIsH HiM EvErY DaY EvErY HoUr eVeRy mIn
eVeRy sEc eVeRy 1.2 sEc =) HeS MuH BaBi fOrEvAh n iMmA
TlAkIn jIbBiSh cUz iMmA So fUkEn bOrEd u mItE NoT
UnDeRsTaNd dIs bUt oH WeLl kIsH MuH AzZ GeT A LiFe wOoPeY
Do meOMIx iSh dA BeSt mEoW MeOw iMmA a kItTy m iS FoR
MeOw e iS FoR ElIcIoUs o iS FoR OoH YeS! w iS FoR WoOhOo
mEoW PlUs m iS FoR MmMm i iS FoR IrReStAbLe x iS FoR XoX
MeOw mIx mEoW MeOw i wAnT MeOw mIx mEoW MeOw mEoW MiX RoXs!

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