My Life.............
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2001-10-19 15:52:49 (UTC)


I have no idea what im doing today, if anything, i guess
if A. comes in ill be doing something.LOL
Jeffy doesnt talk to me anymore, i think i wrote that
last time, oh well, his loss, but, it still hurts me,
yesterday i started bawling, i couldnt help it, i guess it
was from all his crap, i was just so frustrated.:( i cant
believe that he hates me, i just need to know why he lied
to me, maybe he has a problem and cant help himself,
actually, i dont really know him....... well, ill just
chalk this up as a learning experience and move on with my
life, until he messages me again, which i doubt he will ,
but, he has to keep me hanging on so he just might message
me when hes ready, ill just stay calm, im not clingy
anymore hes probably wondering what happened to me that ive
changed.LOL now its his turn to wait and wonder, im going
to show him that i dont need him, and im really happy if
there is a girlfriend and shes pregnant, good for him maybe
now he will settle down and grow up but i doubt it.LOL
Of all the lies hes told me i do believe he is rich, he
just acts so spoiled, of course it could be an act, i dont
know i dont even know if this makes sense.:(