Shane's Observations
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2001-10-19 15:43:17 (UTC)

Another Friday!

Okay, so this has been one of the longest weeks of my life! You know, you really don't realize how stupid people are until they all are in
your office in the same week! Let me just tell you this people, I work from 8:00-5:00 and if you bring me an 8 page program at 4:30, you
are NOT going to get it the same day. My hours may be from 8:00-5:00 but my mind hours unfortunately are from about 8:45-4:30!

Okay, enough of that. I was sitting here talking to a good friend about gum. You know, the chewing kind. Anyway, we came to the
realization that after the flavor is gone, what are you even chewing the stupid thing for?

Another thing, not to mention names, but I went for tacos last night at "the bell." I do not remember the last time that I went to a fast food
restaurant and got what I ordered! I am really tempted to go in the next time and when they ask what I want, just say something like, "oh
what's the use, go ahead and give me whatever you want." At least then I have a SHOT at getting something that I like. Anyway, the reason
that I say this is because I must not have gotten the memo that nachos now come WITHOUT CHEESE!!!!!! Now seriously, if someone
orders nachos, I'm just betting that they are expecting cheese, I was! Otherwise, wouldn't they just be CHIPS!!!! Morons! And, this is no
joke, my Aunt went to the golden arches to get burgers for everyone and out of 5 or 6 hamburgers that she got 2, that is TWO of them didn't
even have MEAT!!!! I thought that the meat was the point of the hamburger! Otherwise it is a SALAD with bread!!!!!

I guess that all I am saying is have a little pride in your work people. We all know that it is a crappy minimum wage job, but we do
appreciate you. Most of you. The people jerking around in the back instead of putting the cheese on nachos, you I don't like. If you would
just pay attention, this isn't rocket science, and READ the order, you might not give me a burrito instead of a taco!!! I try to be as nice as
possible, but this is really getting out of control! I would cook for myself, but then you wouldn't have a job at all!!

Okay, enough. As always, Boomer Sooner! Oklahoma vs. baylor this weekend. Just another texas team to humiliate. Later!

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