The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
2001-10-19 15:23:05 (UTC)

Parents can really suck...

Ok well hence the title Parents can really suck i hate mine
right now i asked my mom if she would write me a note
saying that i could leave two periods early and all i would
miss is Lunch and Sociology which isnt important b/c right
now in Sociology all we are doing is writing surveys for
are research project and IM not even doing a survey soo all
i am going to do is nothing and my mom wont b/c she has a
doesnt have a car b/c i have one of them and my dad has the
other one and so i told her to call the school and shes
like who am i gonna call..and then the nurse say Ashley and
Me on the phone and i wasnt were i am supposed to
then the Nurse took the phone and talked to my mom like
totally ruining my enitre "lie" that i was telling my mom
about how i had only been missing like two
now i cant take Ashley to see her brother and i am most
likely screwed with my parents and i am probaly
grounded..which fine with me b/c i dont have a car or
anywhere to go anyways all i have to di is work and i guess
i wont be able to do sonnenburg tonight which most likely
means Ashley wont be able to go and she has to some how go
and see her brother but i have no clue how hse is going to
do that...oh well i guess i am screwed an i should be used
to it by now, so far life is pretty much sucking for me and
alot of my friends. And all i want is for Ashley to be
happy and for everyone to be happy and for this whole mess
to be over, then my life would be complete., but since life
isnt like that i guess i have to for now help Ashley and
Will and be there for Ashley and i should try right now for
myslef to be NOT selfish and i really shouldnt care about
what my mom was kinda funny actually i mean when
i just mentioned the fact of skipping a class she
Freaked! was sooo funny b/c if she knew how i skipped
school once and forged a note!..i thought it was kinda
funny, but oh well i guess its not really funny, i hope i
am not in too much troublr b/c that would suck...its like
in this wolrd that ALL adults DO NOT understand why we do
what we seems like sometimes that they were never
teens once and they never seem to understand, it really
sucks, i hate being yelled at so i am really regreting
going home when ihave to go....oh well this has been a
really long entry and i think the bell is going to ring
soon, and i have to email a friend or two.buh bye

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