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2001-10-19 15:12:56 (UTC)

Boys.....blah.... I'm not the smallest girl I know......and I'm not
the most attractive thing either.. um I have very low self
esteem..almost non-existant ok.. and I liked thsese guys
Jim james and Ross--heres the deal
Jim- I don't know why I liked him.. maybe beacause I
saw a lot of myself in him we had a lot of things in
common emotion wise but that was a bad think...he didn't
have the same feeeings back but that was good beacuase I
found out what kind of persom he really is..
Ross- I LOVE ROSS!!! He's my friend and thats fine
beacuse as long as we're friends and stuff I'm ok. I don't
think I really like(d) think it was that I needed
something or someone and Ross was always around and always
nice to me and all that fun stuff... I don't know I might
have really liked him but beacuse I was trying to save
myself from rejection it was easier to say that I don't/
didn't like him...I don't know
James- Tall these guys are best frends by the
way...ok I like james and I have for about a year. He used
to go out with this girl I know but now they're not
together and I really dig this kid ok and all myfriends are
telling me to talk to him but like I said before I have low
self-esteem and I know that he doesn't like me , he never
said it but I can tell. I don't know what to do... It
bothers me to be around him all the time beacuse I really
like him and all that and I know what there's nothing on
the other side of that. It bothered me to be around Ross
too but now its' ok...Ok um... one more thing um.. Sunday
we were all at jim's they were playing truth or dare and Me
Robyn and Denise went to go blow a fag and umm Robyn was
likei had to kiss James I was like man can I get some of
that you know. She was like I'm gonna dare you to kiss him
or vice versa I didn't think that she was really gonna do
it , but she did and I wouldn't kiss him.. she thought that
I was being a big baby about the whole thing you know.. but
that's just the way I am I don't kiss people I'm 16 and
I've kissed 1 guy and we were playing truth or dare so I
don't consider that anything... and I like james a lot and
if he kisses me or whatever I want it to because he wants
to not because we're playing a game you know...Thats just
mw and that's it...I don't know..I wish I could sleep