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2001-10-19 14:11:54 (UTC)

Robert Called Me Last Night and I am Vixen-Bitch!

Dear Diary:
Robert called me last night. He was so sweet.
He was so sweet I just could eat him up. But I am
not sweet I am a vixen-bitch.

Men have turned me into this. I can not help it.
They should have not played games with my heart
a long time ago. Pay backs are a bitch coming from
a bitch like me.

I told him I would come and see him next weekend.
Then he will have to wait to see me around his
41st birthday.

I love to eat up sweet young men like him. I tell all these men do not fall in love with me. I donot believe a word of it. Why should I!

What does love have to do with it. it is a second-
hand emotion. Just like Tina Turner's song says.

He asked me to reframe from calling myself a SLUT!
So Around him I will.
It hurts his feelings. Oh well, baby!!

He sent me a sweetest card, how sweet! I sent him
one with some of my diary entrys. I was pissed at him.

I am fond of my baby. To fond. Love is too early.
Wish men would stop throwing those words around so easily.

My grandma says, All men are no fucking good.
They are only good for two things, sex and paying
bills, and not even that sometimes.

He loves me because of my personality.
My psychiatrist would love that one.
I am a mixed personality disorder.

Mixed but stable. Oh well.

Love ya,
[email protected]