Date With Destiny
2001-10-19 11:13:19 (UTC)

Push with Passion; Empowering Questions!

Thanks for sharing these questions Jennie!

I took some time to answer them and stoke the fire of
desire!! Grins

On 10/14/01 12:41:16 PM, JENNIE M BROWN wrote:
Hi Eugene, Jennie, Inner
I hope your plans are going
well and you are seeing
results!!! Here is a gift of
ten questions that can help
you on your QUEST!!!

1. Do you really want to become a High Achiever?

Absolutely. I love the challenge of stretching and growing
and getting out of my comfort zone to learn new skills.
Just plain average does not sit well with me.

It goes beyond a want and now it is A MUST! If I settle for
just "average" I will die a slow death of mediocrity. I
WONT let that happen.

2.Do you have a strong inner urge to reach out?

Yes!!!! I love the energy created when I am out there
networking, building coalitions, counselling clients,
creating teams of people, leading by example, making new
contacts and friends. The synergy of creating new programs.

3.What matters the most to you?

This is a great question! I want to be happy. The root
emotion of this feeling in a career sense is having the
safety and security of a career that leads me to abundance;
being financially secure with a healthy income, being a
decision maker where I have control over my volume of work.
Being a leader where I can exercise my decision making
muscles. Having the authority to influence the outcome of a
program. Being sought after as an expert in my field.

Having that sense of satisfaction when I feel that I am
helping people and making a difference in their lives.

4.What are you willing to invest?

My time. I am willing to invest in my career and complete
my Degree in Social Work to get there. I will do this on a
part time basis while I am working. I am willing to spend a
lot of my free time in the evenings getting my resume out
and opening doors to contacts that will lead me to that
position. I am willing to invest all my positive state
management to the cause of SEEING me get that progressive

5.How much are you willing to endure?

I will endure any and all challenges that come up in my job
search. Repetition is the mother of skill. Failure cannot
withstand persistence. I will work through
any "procrastinating costly curves" that I throw at myself
and get back immediately to my MISSION, VISION, GOALS AND

Im also willing to endure long hours in a new position.
Going that extra mile to create RESULTS with people.
Volunteering for extra projects, and responsibility so that
I do not settle for AVERAGE in my career.

6.What are you willing to give up?

I kind of answered this but here I will be more specific!!
The quote I love that empowers me in this area is this; Do
the things you NEED TO DO, then do the things you WANT TO

In the short term, I give up TV, I give up some social time
going out with friends, I give up net lounge time, I focus
on what I need to do now. I become a DELAYED GRATIFICATION

I know from experience that the REWARDS of doing what I
in the long term. We all reap what we sow!! Dreams are only
a wish list without MASSIVE ACTION!

7.How much responsibility are you willing to assume?

The first responsibility I am assuming is the one to
myself. I honor the fact that I need to RESPOND to my
dreams and never just settle for "living in my means". I
owe it to myself to take massive action because my vision
must become reality.

In the positions I seek, I take responsibility for
thousands of dollars in capital and program budgets, I take
responsibility for steering programs to desired outcomes
and know that I am accountable to governments, boards of
directors, the clients that I serve and the community for
the outcomes that I commit to achieving.

8.Are you willing to start where you are?

This is a challenging one for me. I have to conquer
the "little" devil" of impatience. I tend to be a visionary
and want to propel myself to the outcome. I need to have
the courage of patience to take all the little steps I need
to get to cross the finish line.
I will have a lot of fun in the process of getting there.

I do, however, never forget this..BEGIN with the END IN
MIND!! This helps me to get excited about the big picture
and enjoy the process of getting there.

9.Are you willing to think for yourself?

YESSSSSSSS!! I am a leader and not a follower. I do honor
and respect the opinions around me and I commit to
incorporating new ideas and have learned to be flexible.
But I do not have a problem with taking charge and making a

I will not allow others to steal my dreams and the
naysayers who tell me how something will not work. I
remain "RESPONSIBLE" TO ME in terms of honouring my dreams,
mission and vision.

10. Are you willing to settle for nothing less than your
full potential?

I have NO CHOICE HERE. I have a date with destiny that I
HAVE TO MEET!!! My mission in life is to live all aspects
of life with absolute abundance. I have have some high
standards that I must meet!!


I believe that you have what it takes to be a high
achiever!!! I believe that the potential for reaching high
goals was placed with each of us!!! The ability lies within


We all just have to have the courage, the faith, the
conviction to take action, to see the positive and to take
MASSIVE action to bring out that dynamic person inside of
us to achieve!!!!!

Thanks for the morning TUNE UP JENNIE!!

I think everyone in MA should answer these empowering
questions. They are a great tool to articulate your WHYS.

Remember to always begin with the END IN MIND and know your
whys so that you can get fired up about your HOWS!!