OH what a tangled web we weave
2000-11-11 20:49:43 (UTC)

I m new here. I have another..

I'm new here. I have another diary in another site, but it always gets
the internet connection messed i thought i would shoot for
here. Well I was just talking to my friend, he was talking about have
i ever been to some theater andi was hoping he was going to ask me to
go to a movie with him, cause i haven't seen him in ages but nope no
chance. anyways here is a little about my self
MY name is Alison, I am 14 years old. I love to write and this diary
thing really helps me vent. My diary will just be about stuff that
goes on in my life and i'll try to update it atleast once a week. I
will leave quotes stories etc. well thats all for now i need to see
what else i can do on this site. bye
oh yeah people callme ali