It's Been A Foxy~ Day
2001-10-19 10:32:55 (UTC)

Well.....tonight proved to be interesting

Nothing big happened today. I sat around the house
lounging and doing nothing. But, tonight seemed to have
brought on a lot of interesting things. I finally stood up
to Stephanie and she backed down. And then out of the
blue, Jason asks me to marry him. I didn't know what to
say or even think. At that precise moment I have never
wanted Karri to be online more than I ever wished for. It
was shocking because I had an even bigger reaction to him
proposing to me than the one I had with Rob. And Rob and I
have known each other for years. I turned him down, but we
decided that we're going to take it slow and see what we
can build on. More info as it arrives.