2001-10-19 08:44:05 (UTC)


go to bed.
i dont want to.
you have to.
because you have school in the morning. go to bed.
im not tired.
bullshit, you can barely keep your eyes open.
but brett's online...i want to talk to him.
you've been talking to brett all night.
don't tell me what to do.
don't argue with me.
i'm supposed to, you're my alter-ego.
stop fucking around. you know you'll regret this when you
wake up too late for school tomorrow, and then when you get
kicked out of the class, and then when your mother finds
out that you wasted another semester of college.
fuck you. don't give me that guilt trip bullshit. leave
my mother out of this.
she's the one you'll have to answer to.
i don't care. she's a bitch anyway.
you know you don't mean that.
she drugs me!!
you love it.
can you just go away?
nope. i'm here for keeps.
why is this my life?
don't bitch to me about it, you're the one who's too
fucking weak to deal with your problems on your own, you
need an alter-ego to help you bear the brunt of it all.
but why do i have an alter-ego that's such an asshole?