lil miss vampira

My life story of being a manwhore
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2001-10-19 07:35:45 (UTC)

I just couldn't help myself.......

yeah well im back (once again).. its the boredom i tell
ya.... it gets to ya after awhile...
time to go off on life... isnt funny how things work out?
well i wouldn't call it funny, more like annoying in some
cases.... like how i break up with someone and (some not
all of) my guy friends start acting like..... aww Lizz im
so sorry.... want me to come over and show you whats its
like to be with a REAL man?? ummm.. no... sorry, theres
more to life than sex.... and on that note im giving up on
sex... its senseless and over-rated.. i mean hell.. isnt
there more to life (and a relationship for that sake) than
sex??? i think so, but most of society today doesnt think
so.. and they're the ones that will die young of some
incurable STD.. lucky them...

today i talked to a friend that i haven't seen nor talked
to in like a month... and tomorrow i get to go out and
chill with him like we use to before we both had our run-
in's with the dirty "r" words... so we've been busy
sweeping up the remnants of our heart and glueing them back
together.. well he is, im just using tape since i know it
wont last too long and neither will my heart.. eh, oh
well... thats life, doesnt it suck?? you betcha...
Ugh... this song brings back too many bad memories..
(Summer Breeze - Type O Negative).. i cant believe im
actually gonna make it through the song this time...
hmmm... maybe time does heal all wounds...
pool is interesting... i think i may go back to
watching it.. too bad yahoo sucks... eh, oh well.....
well that wasnt too interesting.. i need a life, but dunno
where i could find one at 3:34 in the morning... maybe they
got some at one of those 24/7 kwike marts... hmm while im
there i better pick up some booze and yellow jackets for
tomorrow... gotta stay awake.... too bad i dont have my car
ugh oh well.... time to sleep