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2001-10-19 04:02:56 (UTC)

About my diary - Project feelings

Days of work.
Thursday I met friend Mimi in public transportation stop.
Wednesday night I gave her some print about her Angel the
same of me.
Night I tried to paint my hair with some color shampoo. Only
got a bright because my hair is so dark.
I think I got friend Mel because I had cut my hair. But
I think I was better when I was long haired. Now I'm medium
hair. I draw flowers and sent her. It is nothing but some
feelings. I made diary to understand why I wasn't with
Mel. And build more solid feelings about me.
I tried to reserv myself only for friends. I cover my face
with hair. It void enemies to see me and be motivated to
make lies. Not so pratice while need to talk to friends.
Paint hair with temporaly color may work better to disguise
of enemies. Because they past days and nights realizing how
is to blame and lie some kind of face of people.
I will change vision and voice by smelling and touching.
It has ever been working to conserv friends even they don't
fit with me. I learn it with Petcat. Homage it always be
with me. It every known me and it was the same heart.