lil miss vampira

My life story of being a manwhore
2001-10-19 06:54:26 (UTC)

ahh.. the first day of the rest of my life... lucky me

its 2:41am and im sitting here in front of my computer..
wow... what fun? dontcha just envy me?

[music - Transglobal Underground "Eyeway Souljah"]

makes me wanna shake my groove thang.... lol... i wish =P

Its been 4 days since the last time i've had a longterm
relationship and already i've got a line of people outside
my door trying to hop into my pants... only a handful are
actually interested in me... heh go me.. dont i feel so
loved? not really... but thats not the point, now is it?

Why is it all the good girls like myself and my friend (if
you're reading this.. you know who you are) always get
stuck with duds?? we think we got the real thing this
time... then the drugs stepped in the way of our happiness
and run over our heart.... again... be strong, you'll make
it through it =)

*sigh* so far i've wasted 7 minutes and i have a total of 3
friends talking to me on AIM... they're like me... cant
sleep..... or at least thats my excuse
*lights another cigarette*
geez.. i need to quit.... but i dont wanna... i wonder why
that is? heh.. oh well...
*pauses to jot down an idea for a poem*
heh.. yeah im a (so-called) "poet"... and a starving artist
at that....
Right now... i feel ridiculous sitting here, in my cutesy-
wutesy rubber ducky print pj's (yes i know, im a dork.. so
sue me), i cant believe that tomorrow wont be one of my
normal average Friday nights.... which were usually spent
with my pathetic excuse for a boyfriend (GRR HISS GRR to
you Justin!!!!) and now i get to actually go out with
friends like the "good ol' days"... amazing isn't it?? yeah
i thought so.......
anywho... time to go pay more attention to Jermy-poo.. i
feel bad for neglecting him... he's such a sweety and a
great friend.... why oh why cant all guys be like him??????
oh well... i can wish...