worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2001-10-19 05:44:16 (UTC)

The Guests

All of your friends are here for a party. i am to be
put on display for them. To prove my obedience, to be
tested, to be humiliated, to be punished, to be tortured,
to be taught my place.
The night begins with my being stood naked on a stool
in the middle of the room. Your guests are given markers
and told to comment on my body. They do, literally. Each
writes on my skin what they think of me. Comments include:
"fat ugly bitch" "smelly pig" "painslut" "pathetic whore"
"useless slave" "unattractive butch" "dog" "cunt" etc.
While they do this they comment aloud on my imperfections
and poke and pinch my flesh. i try to hold back the tears
as i stand there silent and humiliated.
One woman asks to take me for a walk. i dread being
led around by my leash and collar by a stranger. Of course
you eagerly agree. But it is worse than i feared. Instead
of my collar you connect a chain to each of my nipple
clamps and my clit. To this a leash is connected. The
happy woman leads me around by my tender areas tugging the
chain frequently. She forces me to my hand and knees and
leads me crawling around the room. She tells me to hump
the other guests' legs like the "horny little bitch" i am.
i comply. Each laughs at me for a while then kicks me off
for being a bad dog. One even rolls up a newspaper and
beats me with it.
As you and your guests sit down for dinner i am led to
a dog bowl in the corner. Before i eat several of the men
offer to cum on my food; you graciously allow them. i am
hesitant to eat so you offer to let one of them whip my
backside until the bowl is empty. A woman takes the cat-o-
nine-tails and lashes me repeatedly as i eat. My ass and
back are red with welts by the time i finish.
To wash down my meal i am given a tall glass of
mystery liquid to drink. Before i taste it one of the
guests urinates in it. You watch me closely to make sure i
drink every drop. Another glass is presented to me, which
another guest pees into. i drink it all. Then another,
and another, and another until i have tasted fully the
nectare of each of your guests.
My bladder is very full and i desperately want to pee;
i know i will not be allowed. The men want to see my
breasts bounce so you have me do jumping-jacks and use a
jump-rope. i can feel the contents being pushed against my
bladder walls and i try to hold them back by squeezing my
legs together. You tell me to go get my toothpaste. i
return with it and you have me apply it to my clit and
asshole. Now as i squeeze my legs together i feel it burn
and sting terribly. You stand near me and rub my stomach
and back, seeing if you relax me to the point of letting
go. i hold it knowing how i will be punished if i go
without permission.
A bucket is placed under me and i straddle it. Still
i am made to wait. Finally you tell me to go. i look at
you, my eyes begging not to be made to piss in front of all
these people. You smirk and repeat the order. i slowly
release and then all of a sudden you command me to stop. i
am caught off guard and take a few seconds to comply. This
angers you. Still needing release i am forced to drink a
liter of ice-cold water and stand there aching and
Eventually you again command me to go. After just a
few more seconds you order me to stop. i obey promptly
this time. Your guests comment on how well trained i am.
You have me squat over the bucket with my knees wide apart
and hold the position. "Go." "Stop." Minutes go
by. "Go." "Stop." More time passes. My bladder is still
aching and now my legs are growing tired. Tears are
forming in my eyes. Your guests stand around laughing.
Each of them takes turns calling out orders and i am forced
to obey. "Go." "Stop." "Go." "Stop." "Green
light." "Red light." A full half-hour goes by before my
bladder is empty. Tears are running freely now.
Your guests draw cards to see which one gets to dump
the bucket on me. An evil-looking woman wins. She leads
me by a nipple to the tub and stands me in it. She picks
up the bucket and slowly pours the contents on my head; the
warm liquid runs down my body . She sharply tells me what
a "dirty rotten bitch whore" i am. i am a "filthy
disgusting pig." Pigs roll around in their shit; so should
i. i lie in the tub and roll around in my urine; she makes
me squeal like a pig. She laughs and so do the others who
are watching.
i pray my humiliation is over but i am not so lucky.
i am laid on the dinner table. i am told to fuck myself
with a carrot and eat it after. All the men stand around
me to jerk off and squirt their cum all over my body. One
of the women takes a plunger and shoves it up my ass. A
giant spreader is placed in my mouth and widened to the
fullest extent. They pour tobasco sauce into my mouth.
The plunger is replaced by ginger root. My nipples are
clamped and stretched towards the ceiling. My clit is
clamped and stretched to the wall. A nose-hook is attached
and tied to the opposite wall. An electric wand is
produced and your guests play a game to see who can make me
scream the loudest with only one touch. The woman who
shoves it in my pussy wins. Her reward is sitting on my
face while the others tickle me for ten straight minutes.
The finale of the evening is my being placed in stocks
so that each of your guests can choose one instrument to
give me five strokes with. A riding crop is applied to my
pussy. A paddle to my ass. A cane to my tits. A strap to
my thighs. A flogger to my back. Then the paddle to my
thighs. The flogger to my pussy. The riding crop to my
tits. The strap to my back. And the cane to my ass. i am
left there degraded and beaten as you say goodnight to your