the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2001-10-19 04:48:05 (UTC)

dead end

i have had the worst day
i know that if i explained all the little things that
happened today you would be like ok yeah let me tell you
how bad that was....i can already hear the sarcasm
but here is what topped tonight off ......everything went
out with a bang.....

i went over to Chris' dorm to watch his football game
tonight...well after 5 pm you are allowed to park in the
red permits i pulled up to the curb right
outside the dorm....i walked inside and then we went over
to the BSU so chris could meet up with his team
on our way back there was a tow truck hooking my car up to
the back of the truck i have never flew out of a car that
fast in my entire life

i was oin the verge of tears b/c the first words out of the
guys mouth was unless you have 30 dollars your car is gone
i had my check book but i dont have 30$ in my account right
so i wrote a check and now i have to make sure i get the
money back into my account before the check goes through

and then i also have to go tell the parking division at U
of L what happened so i can get the ticket wavered

i just want to scream really loud right now
*sigh* well im gonna try and relax and get some sleep
i know what you are thinking good luck right?

night guys
hugs kisses and lots of love