once again
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2001-10-19 04:41:23 (UTC)

a world unknown

This life is created by us and lead by us, yet we are
always so unable to control anything that happens.
Everyday people wish about things that they could take back
and redo and never can we ever do that. We get seconds
chances at many things but we can't go back in time. We
always have to learn from everything that we do and it's
hard to come to thos e realizations that we might have done
something wrong, or we might have failed, or homestly we
have no idea what we are really doing. No one ever wants
to admit that they could have done better or the decisions
that they've made should have been different. We always
want to believe that we know what's best and we always do
the best eventhough in our hearts we feel diferently. How
are we to lead this life correctly if we have no clue what
to do. MOst of us wait around for the good things in life
to come because we have no idea how to obtain them. We
make rash decisons and usually don't think things through.
And when we do make a decision that at the time we feel is
going to be the best, thing schange and it's too late to go
back, it's too late to say never mind and we have to live
with those choices. We have to hope that when they effect
others that the others will adjust to our way now. If and
we are lucky enough to have those people do it we have to
pray that it is for real this time. We have to once again
just go on feelings instead of knowledge to make it
throught the rough days ahead. Life is so weird that way,
when we think we know what we're doing, instantly the past
comes back and you start again.

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