As I See It
2001-10-19 04:39:06 (UTC)

Stardate 20011018

Well this is the end of another day. It was my first day
at work after vacation. Hate going back cause things just
don't get done while your away. Working at the house of
the bluelight is getting more difficult. Too much to do
and not enough time in the day. The anthrax scare in this
city is getting out of hand. A street was closed because
of a green substance on the road. Turns out it was
guacamole. Finally found a winter jacket that I like and
it fits, thankfully I will not freeze this year. It was
hard to buy a winter jacket last year because they were
sold out or too small. Plus being at the end of febuary
retailers were getting their spring items out to sell.
This does not make any sence to me and I'm a retail
manager. THis is the way and it does not change. The new
Star Trek it bugs me,its not a bad show theme song sucks
its just not right. If this is suppose to be before the
original series why does the starship look more advance to
the 60s Enterprise? I would like to see a visit from the Q
you know he's gonna pop up been everywhere else.Space
suits gotta go,hopefully they will adapt some tech to fix
this. Who knows a year from now I'll probally say its a
great show. Smallville looks like its gonna be a good show,
thanks to my TIVO I can watch all this stuff when I want,
what did I do before tivo. Well thats about it for today
another average day, nothing too exciting. Later,
::: JustSayJOE :::