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2001-10-19 04:15:02 (UTC)

tonight i got a boy friend

hey every body i got a new boy friend his name is eric he
just called me about 3 minutes ago saying amanda will u go
out with me and i said did u get buzzed or somthing and he
said no i was like no lie and is like no in my heard i was
like (ohh my god) i can't beleieve that this was happing to
me i then i said yes and at that time i was grounded off
the phone soo i had to get off so i said hey i have to go
but i will call u tomarrow he was like ok buh bye and good
night and i said bye goodnight ahhhh he is 11 (lol) i don't
care tho cause he is really sweet =) soo yea well i have
school tomarrow soo i have to go buhbye


~*~Laterz~*~ p.s feed back people