2001-10-19 04:09:37 (UTC)

rejection? REJECTION?

rejection my ASS! yeah theyre going out and yeah i know who
she is! it was horrible...the day i found out...oh my god
it was bad! but oh well....she has a big ass and i dont
care. its back to normal for me again. you know...the you
like someone who doesnt like you so give it up! yeah thats
what has become normal for me. sad sad sad. it wasnt like
that for a couple months but not anymore. break out the
black eyeliner!(when i wasnt normal and trying to be
prettttifulll i wore natural shades and stuff that looked
good on moi. but when im sad i wear black...and black is
the best color on the planet)i just give up. i cant deal
with both guys and school at the same time so ill just
focus on school. its way more important and it will get
you further in life than a couple make out sessions will.
back to guys...this is so hard! ok my best guy friend likes
me...still...and ok ok i flirt sometimes but it doesnt mean
anything...well to me...and i know he wants me to say i
like him or id go out with him(ii know these talks trust me)
but i just dont like him that way....i mean who does
(besides him!)well i just need to go now cause the radio is
playing sad sad songs.....:*(