2001-10-19 03:53:21 (UTC)

so. im in love with a beautiful..

im in love with a beautiful girl.
my lover.
my bestfriend...
i really didnt know.
but im glad that i do.
so fucking glad.
my world has been turned around.
different angles.
a different sort of light.
that emmitted from her.
my baby.
my love.
so different.
im amazed with myself.
im amazed by her.
and im content for the first time.
in a long time.
im content with this.
with life in general.
and im comfy.
and im trusting.
without real reason.
and im not afraid.
i am in a way..
but you know.
i know that this is worth it.
no questions this time.
im really far along with this all.
and im just falling further.
every passing day.