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2001-10-19 03:47:55 (UTC)


Well hey, i decided to make another diary, one that isnt
too open. allright. well my name is Adrianne, i'm 17 and
live in, nevermind, like anyone really cares. Anywayz
today was a pretty boring day, kinda long. I had fun
hanging out with annie at school but that was abt it. All
my so called "friends" just dont seem to be around anymore.
and i just dont fell the need to go to them, i guess i cant
talk to them abt what's going on cuz i'm so fucked up. I
dont think any of my friends really realize what is going
on, or that i am even feeling this depressed. I told kate,
and she was cool abt it, but we haven't really been talking
so yea. Megan just acts like nothing is wrong or is
oblivious, and kim thinks i am being a bitch so she's not
really talking to me either. only aqauntinces are talking
to me, like annie(she's more of a friend), and meghan, and
beth and julie. sometimes, i just like to be by myself in
a crowded room and just see if anyone comes to talk to me.
i kinda feel like i am not there. which is true b/c abt
half the day i am thinking or pre-occupied by something
else. i have gotten pretty good at tunning an entire class
out. oh yea, i read some old e-mails in my account, like
between me and lisa, a couple months after we stopped
talking. it was kinda upsetting, i cried reading them
again. i hate thinking abt her or nicole and the best
friendships we had. its so weird how they seemed to have
changed. maybe they didnt change, maybe i did, or maybe
none of us did. but it still sucks. sorry if anyone was
bored by this.

well im gonna go

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