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2001-10-19 03:44:27 (UTC)

been a while

Damn, I forgot I had a diary for a while. Things have
changed so much. Some for the better, some not. Michael
is a godsend. I swear I think I am falling in love with
him. It's crazy to have someone understand me...I feel my
heart jump everytime I hear his voice or see his name on
the callerID. It just sucks he lives so far away. I
really want to go to the Marine Ball but I don't want to
just ask, you know? I'm so happy with him. The other
weekend was the best weekend of my life. I had soooo much
more fun with him than I'd have had in Dallas with loser
Robert. What a fucking leach. Anyways, the friend life
kinda sucks. Everyone has their own shit and I just feel
like they don't care. I wish I would hang out with Marissa
more. She sounds so lonely. I hope I don't struggle as
much in law school as she is. That would suck eggs. OK so
last night Dallas completely came on to me. How funny is
that. Just because I looked hot last night (well I did!!)
he thought he could smooth things over. HA. Tried to get
me to go home with him, my ass. That boy is dirty dirty
dirty. Work is cool...hate the hours but it's not that bad
I guess. It could be that damn hospital job
again...blech. So glad I quit that shit. Anyways, gotta
go to bed so I can get up at the butcrack. =)

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