Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2001-10-19 03:42:44 (UTC)

Me, myself, and no

Well,um lets see. I guess for starters I should say a little
about myself, just to get the ball rolling. I guess you could
categorize me under the sign sexually and/or mentally
frustrated youth of today. ah, yes I know this sign well, it
seems to stay hovering over my head. Let's see, I'm 16 years
old currently. I like to paint, or listen to classical music
to relax, which doesn't explain why I'm so tense all of the
time, so I must be doing something wrong. I wouldn't call
myself an outcast, but I'm sure as hell not your everyday
prepy, airheaded, bubbly, blonde cheerleader. even though I
am blonde. I honestly believe that slowly, but surely i will
drive myself to insanity, although it is yet to have happened
of late. I do have a lot of friends that would say I'm being
"crazy" to even say that, but they haven't felt what I live
with everyday. I'm so confused, and frustrated all of the
time, it's exausting. I virtually cry myself to sleep every
night. I just can't understand why people do what they do,
act how they act, hurt other people intentionally. "It is a
puzzelment" Don't get me wrong I like being around people...
sometimes. And I must be somewhat nice or i wouldn't have any
friends at all right? Another thing I don't understand is why
people blatently IGNOR other people, or taunt them
relentlessly for no particular reason, and without just
cause. I got my head slammed against a locker today by one of
my so called friends just because I'm JEWISH! I slept not
even three hours last night, so I had a LIL bit of a headache
later.Is it fair? no, like groups of people in school. I mean
is it forbidden that an "in" kid should talk to someone his
friends would classify as a "freak" or a " gazibean" as so
they're so called in my school. I don't understand. "It is a

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