The Chronicles of My Life
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2001-10-19 03:17:45 (UTC)

I m about ready to pass out...

I'm about ready to pass out. What a day. First Andy,
Jacob and I played football with all the little kids for an
hour. 15 minutes after we got done, Cali came over with
Emilie. We had a soccer game, and andy, JT and i wasted
the girls. It was great except cali kicked me when i was
trying to do a slide tackle. Let me tell you, that girl
can kick. I've got one big bruise on the back of my leg
and it does not feel good. Oh well. I won't complain.
Tonight, after laying in the leaf pile and watching
satelites and shooting stars for a while, Andy, Jt and I
went and played kick the can and Moonlight Starlight with
andy's dad, christoph's dad, and all the little kids. We
played for an hour and a half. I don't think i'll be able
to climb the ladder to my bed tonight. ANdy and I ran at
least a mile and a half tonight trying to hide during kick
the can. On wet grass too. I'm so freaking tired. Until