I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2001-10-19 03:15:20 (UTC)

Good times

Ok, so it's been awhile since I last wrote, but I've come
to the realization that people (myself included) write more
when they are having problems in their lives. For oh, the
last week or so, my life has been pretty darn good if I do
say so myself. I really like my internship. The people are
really nice, it's a friendly environment, and I like what
I'm doing. PR is basically a game, and I am very good at
games. It's strategy and trying to get people to believe
what you have to say. It's just appealing. I'm still job
hunting, but being out of work for the time being allows me
a bit more freedom to do stuff. For example, next week I am
going to the boat show. I'm so excited!! I leave tuesday
and I'm going with my dad. I love doing stuff with him. And
having the company will do him good as well. I have made it
a mission to go down there and try to get a date. It
doesn't have to be serious, but I need some kind of social
interaction with people who aren't family members. I also
hope there will be cocktail parties to attend, so I can get
all dressed up!

In other news, the weather here has gotten much cooler, and
I can wear my warmer clothes. It's been just gorgeous! I
love fall and winter! I want to get married in the winter,
with snow on the ground. It's just too beautiful. I've been
away from snow for too long. I miss it.

So, in conclusion, things are good. I'm working on getting
a job, and then a car, and then a man, and then an
apartment. The apartment and a man can swap places, it
doesn't really matter to me. The rest will be in order.
It's time for sleep, as the world of Public Relations waits
for no man (or woman!). Good night world.