sammyboy Sam Al-Jafari

Sam Al-Jafari's Elective Diary
2001-10-19 03:07:28 (UTC)


So after I recovered from Fraser Island, it was up to
Airlie Beach to prepare for my Whitsundays cruise. In true
sammyboy style, this consisted of finding the nearest party
which was easy enough. It was a 'screw party' where all the
guys get a bolt and all the girls get a nut and the aim is
to find the partner. It was all a fix because all the bolts
and nuts didn't match apart from 1 pair which was in the
organiser's pocket. For some reason she chose to give me
the special bolt and sent me off to find the nut. By this
stage I was a bit pissed and couldn't really be arsed, but
they kept coming up to me and giving me clues as to who
held the special nut. To cut a long story short, I won
dinner with some German girl who was actually pretty damn
good lookin, but the language barrier proved a bit of a
problem so after the dessert I made my excuses.
After all the frivolities, I needed to chill so I spent the
next night having a few quiet ones with 2 eighteen year old
canadian girls!!!
So, next day the cruise started and all was well. 30 people
on a boat cruising round a load of islands and stopping off
at different beaches on the way to do a bit of snorkelling
and diving. The food was amazing and plentiful. I had 2
massive t-bone steaks, but they didn't stay down for much
longer after we started drinking games.
Scuba Diving was a nightmare. I was doing really well- the
breathing was no problem, but then I had a funny sensation
in my ear and had to stop. I couldn't hear for the rest of
the trip and yesterday I went to the doctor who declared
that I had punctured my eardrum. GUTTED
Last night we all went out with all the boat people and
were forced to play party games. I ended up removing every
item of clothing apart from my socks at some stage in the
game. Yes, that includes my boxers!!
I've only got 1 week left I'm totally gutted.
Oh, Nathan, I saw your sister last night!!!!