Ugly on the inside
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2001-10-19 02:05:04 (UTC)

Girls Don't Know

i thought it'd be great to not have my parents here, but it
kinda sucks, i'm so lonely. i watched the Omen today...
creepy as hell.
not much to do around here. =-( i bought a tank top
today... cool?
i really really wonder who reads this... if anyone at all.
does anyone?
it seems like everytime i want just one specific person to
come online, they never do... ever. everyone BUT cody is
online right now.
nothing to do, no shows going on, no friends to hang out
with... it's just shitty. i'm so depressed and i've got no
idea why, then again, i never know why.
today was rock star day... even in spirit week the
cheerleaders can't show one ounce of individuality... they
ALL dressed like those chicks from that limp bizkit video.
fucking shit holes... argh, it makes me so angry. i don't
really know why but it does. some hoochie girl was wearing
a rammones sweatshirt with the clash tee on... i was
like "what the fuck" i bet she hasn't even heard a song by
either bands. fuckers... and yes i need to stop swearing so
much. argh, where is cody?
i'll go back to listening to my Keepsake (hence the diary
title). sorry this entry wasn't as interesting